Discover where you really are financially, and what to do reach the next phase.

Why do we have rich people in the poorest countries, and poor people in the richest ones?

You are about to get the answers in this course, so you can build lasting wealth for yourself, in spite of the economy you operate in. 

There are three (3) mind-shifting facts you will discover as you go through the course

  • First, there is more to money than what you believe it to be. It is not just a medium of exchange.

  • Secondly, being rich is not about your account balance. It is about the flow- where the money comes from, where it goes, then the speed and frequency of the flow.

  • The third fact, which I’ll tell you in a bit, will help you navigate this flow so you can command predictable and sustainable wealth.

But before I do, here is what the course really stresses:

Riches exist in tiers (or levels), and there are SIX TIERS OF RICHES. Everybody walking the face of the earth is at one tier at a time. Sadly, most people never get past the second tier. There are two reasons for this;

  • Firstly, most people don’t understand the flow of money, instead, they concentrate on the amount (remember I told you being rich is about the flow).


  • Secondly (and this is the bigger problem) people don’t know what tier they are at, so they don’t know exactly how to progress or even the level to progress to.

What you will learn from SIX TIERS OF RICHES

  1. How you can predict your financial future, starting with knowing what tier you are at right now, so you know where next to go and how to get there. More like embarking a journey; you can’t locate where you’re headed unless you know first where you are.

  2. How to direct the flow of money in order to build lasting wealth.

  3. What you must do to keep moving up the tiers of riches till you get to the last tier- without having to “double your hustle”.

How much does this course cost?

It’s absolutely FREE for the first 500 signups, because I believe that everyone deserves to understand this timeless path that leads to riches in its highest extend. And the best way to do that is to make it available without any barrier. 


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Having sojourned through underdeveloped, developing and developed countries, establishing businesses in Europe and Africa while helping others set up theirs, I observe that people get into riches after having an understanding that their current position is only a stage to move them onto another with the right resources in their possession